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WORMS is a company that specializes in composting organic refuse material. Our collaboration with the Zatopek Tour Team consists in the collection of banana peels left behind during the race. We compost them and transform them in a rich fertilizer to be used for gardening or growing a vegetable garden or even indoor ornamental plants. In addition, WORMS conducts seminars and short-term workshops and provides advice to individuals and corporations interested in composting processes. For more information, please visit www.wormsasbl.org.



Run and help reforest Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the countries most threatened by global warming. Malagasy farmers almost exclusively grow rice. But harvests are increasingly poor due to the climate situation, worsening the circumstances of these already impoverished farmers.

Reforesting means efficiently fighting harsh weather conditions! In the mid-term, the trees will help densify vegetation and reduce soil erosion. And, especially, each tree will provide small farmers with an additional source of income from the sale of fruit. The clove plants are purchased from small farmers who have gone into nursery production, which means even more small farmers will benefit.

When you sign up for the Ecotrail via Entraide & Fraternité, 1€ of your registration fee will be donated to this worthy cause. 1€ is the price of one clove plant and that is how you can help reforest Madagascar.

“Each year it is a pleasure to discover or rediscover the pastoral side of Brussels. For someone from the provinces like me, it’s great to run in this green part of the city. I am used to saying that the Ecotrail is experienced 3 times: training for it, running it, and reliving the race once the finish line has been crossed." Fernand, 18km Ecotrail runner-donor)... Read more in french

Would you like to help Malagasy farmers even more? Find sponsors to help replant a maximum number of clove trees. 1 euro collected = 1 clove tree replanted!

You can very easily create a personalized donation page via our site. Each sponsorship could make the difference between poverty and a life of dignity for Malagasy farmers and will also help efficiently fight climate change. Thank you!

Sign up and help reforest Madagascar! Registration will open soon.
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